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Precision Thin Titanium - Market Applications and Supply Chain Capabilities

This webinar reviews precision thin titanium applications and market needs. It also discusses ways to streamline the design and specification of your thin titanium requirements in order to guarantee success, specifically utilizing Arnold's experience allowing critical time savings as programs transition through development. This eliminates costly delays and back-and-forth with suppliers and market capabilities.

Originally presented: November 30, 2021
Duration: 1 hour
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Learn about Titanium foil; it's pure grades, alloys, and applications. Arnold Magnetic Technologies' capabilities to process Titanium allow us to produce very thin gauges with exceptional quality.

Arnold Magnetic Technologies; Precision Thin Metals division, is proud to manufacture Titanium foil as it is a premier metallic strip/foil/sheet option for applications that demand light, strong, anti-corrosive, and bio-compatible materials.

Join us to learn how thin Titanium can be rolled, and why it's a preferred metal for many highly demanding cold-rolled metal foil applications!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore market applications for ultra-thin titanium
  • Learn Arnold's core capabilities in processing thin metals, specifically, titanium
  • Gain understanding of metal rolling processes
  • Understand the key characteristics of thin and ultra-thin titanium foil
  • Plan the best way to inquire and purchase thin and ultra-thin titanium foil


Jasper Ress, Business Development Manager, East Region, Arnold Magnetic Technologies

Jasper Ress (Business Development Manager, East Region) has been in the Precision Thin Metals industry for over 10 years. After working during summer breaks, in a metals processing facility and graduating college in the New England area in 2011, Jasper took his first sales position. Later, in 2017, with several years of first hand experience in thin metal manufacturing processes/standards, materials, and commercial responsibilities, he joined Arnold Magnetic Technologies; Precision Thin Metals division. Jasper is now also Arnold's Business Development Manager; East Region, for the Permanent Magnet divisions. Jasper considers himself lucky to work with current and prospective customers on their highly technical applications and being a part of exciting innovation across many industries. When not working, Jasper loves to spend time with his spouse, two daughters, two dogs, and currently resides in Virginia. He enjoys being outdoors, cooking new foods for his family, and occasionally attempts to play golf, which is always an adventure.