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Laser Diode Characterization: Fast and Simple

The increasing demand for high power laser diodes and the subsequent drop in price per Watt places ever increasing pressure on diode manufacturers to increase yields and lower testing costs. High throughput, compact, dedicated light-current-voltage (LIV) testing instrumentation helps achieve these goals.

Date: October 30, 2013
Time: 11 AM EDT (8 AM PDT)
Duration: 1 hour
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Testing of laser diodes as early as possible in the production chain allows the manufacturer to achieve the highest yields at the lowest cost. This is realized by sorting out defective devices at the chip or bar level before they are subjected to costly procedures such as heat-sinking, bonding, lensing and packaging. Measurements at this early stage require short pulse techniques in order to avoid thermal loading of the as yet unmounted devices.

Further testing later in the production chain on submounted or fully mounted devices should include long pulse (quasi continuous wave, or QCW) and/or CW (continuous wave) testing as well in order to gain insight into the effectiveness of the thermal bond.

This presentation will cover LIV testing in all three regimes (pulsed, QCW and CW) and show the relevance of these types of tests to the manufacture of laser diodes. Targeted fields of application are R&D, production and quality assurance.

Key Take-Aways

  • Learn the basic principles behind LIV testing of laser diodes.
  • Understand the fundamental restrictions involved in testing at the chip or bar level.
  • Understand the need for testing under various conditions of pulse duration and duty cycle.
  • Discover the value of a dedicated, integrated hardware/software approach to laser diode testing.


Dr. Steve Wright, Managing Director, Artifex Engineering

Steve Wright is managing director and technical consultant at Artifex Engineering. He received his M.Sc. (1985) from Queen's University in Canada and his Ph.D. (1990) from the University of Dortmund in Germany. Steve has over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of laser control and measurement instrumentation.