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Packaging Automation: Prototype to Production

Learn how MISUMI's configurable product offering can help engineers move seamlessly from the prototype design phase to production quantities. Take a deeper look at various applications of packaging automation solutions and how MISUMI can be a valuable partner.

Originally presented: August 11, 2022
Duration: 1 hour
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In this webinar, industry expert Ken Sessler will take a deeper look at packaging automation solutions. The webinar will walk through various applications for packaging automation solutions, including capping, filling, cartoning, and shrink sleeving, and how they are being used in different ways across the industry.

Following this overview, Ken will provide a quick background into MISUMI's role within the packaging automation industry.

The webinar will also cover MISUMI's vast offering of brands and parts, as well as the online configurator, which allows for easy configuration and ordering of parts through the MISUMI site. Here, Ken will explain how engineers can utilize MISUMI's tools like the configurator, and extensive CAD library to save time on the design phase and move from prototype to production with MISUMI's help.

Key Takeaways

  • Examine how CAD tools can streamline the design phase
  • Discover how to configure parts to specific needs
  • Explore opportunities to scale from prototype to production
  • Learn more about automation in the packaging industry


Ken Sessler, Industry Segment Manager, MISUMI

Ken Sessler is an Industry Segment Manager, representing the packaging industry at MISUMI. His role involves developing strategies to showcase MISUMI's product offerings and how they provide solutions for packaging automation applications. Prior to MISUMI, Sessler’s roles included engineering, sales, business development and management. His experience engineering automated solutions for the packaging, automotive and warehouse automation industries help to connect with the customer at a higher level. His continuous desire to learn combined with a strategic approach has helped both customers and employers to reach their goals.