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Boosting Wear Durability and Reliability of EV Charging Plugs with Advanced Silver Coatings

An increasing number of electric vehicles and expanding use of charging infrastructure lead to a need for more durable electrical contacts and coatings in the charging connectors. This webinar will help designers and engineers to improve the wear performance of the certain charging plugs and sockets to achieve a reliable and sustainable charging operation for the customer.

Originally presented: September 20, 2022
Duration: 1 hour
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This presentation starts with brief introduction of Umicore Group and Umicore Metal Deposition Solutions (MDS) and their core activities in automotive, electronics and value chain in metals.

Followed by megatrends in automotive electrification and consequences for electrical grid, as well as EV charging and increasing requirements for relevant electrical contacts and connectors.

Higher numbers of clients with electric vehicles drive the more extensive use of charging stations and the charging connectors. Combined with increasing charging power and demand for shortening the charging procedure the reliability of each single electrical contact point becomes more stringent and exigent.

Silver is state of the art as material with highest electrical conductivity and excellent power transmission, but also has its limitations especially in high wear durability. Thus industry is requesting long lasting materials to maintain smooth performance and operations.

Significant longer durability with high performance silver coatings for such high power applications can be achieved and will be unveiled during the presentation for prolonged product life and improved cost efficiency.


Key Takeaways

  • Review megatrends in automotive electrification
  • Examine reliability issues affecting electric vehicle plugs in the field
  • Learn about the limited wear performance of pure silver coatings
  • Discover the tremendous wear performance of silver-graphite coatings
  • Consider Umicore as key supplier and technology partner


Robert Ziebart, Technical Sales Manager, Umicore Galvanotechnik GmbH

Ziebart is the Technical Sales Manager for Umicore GT technical precious metal products & sealants. He is responsible for R2R, Lead frame & PCB applications and Anti-tarnish/Sealing products. Ziebart has 13 years of experience with electrolytic & electroless chemistries. He is an expert in advanced surface technologies and surface treatments, electrolytic precious metal plating, anti-tarnish & sealant processes, and PCB & soldermask processes. Ziebart is a specialist in the fields of precious metal plating, anti-tarnish and sealant coating solutions, and advanced corrosion protection.

Sebastien Fourgeot, OEM Manager, Technical Applications, Umicore Galvanotechnik GmbH