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Choosing the Right RF Switch for High-Power Applications

Passive or active, every component in a high-power RF system has its own trade-offs and key specifications designers consider to narrow down their selections. For an RF switch, there is more to consider than just power handling. Join Tom Clinkenbeard with Menlo Microsystems as he gives an overview of what to look for to choose the right switch for any high-power application.

Originally presented: July 9, 2024
Duration: 1 hour
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As power and frequency requirements increase, component selection can become increasingly complex. In this webinar, we will explore how different switch technologies can affect a high-power RF design.

Beyond power handling, there are many requirements and specs that can save RF designers valuable simulation and design time if considered early in the component selection process. This webinar will explore many different specifications and requirements beyond power handling, and how they relate to overall system performance and SWaP-C requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose the switch technology that best suits your high-power application.
  • Consider how supporting components like heat sinks and drivers affect system size and complexity.
  • Learn the benefits of using the Ideal Switch® for high-power RF switching when linearity and SWaP-C are key specs.


Tom Clinkenbeard, Application Engineer, Menlo Microsystems

Since joining Menlo Micro's Application Engineering Team in 2020, Tom Clinkenbeard has played a key role in RF and high-speed digital customer applications.