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  • Product / method
    Drehdurchfuhrungen also as pressure compounds or denotes rotating sealings , the elements for the Einfuhrung of different mediums are in rotating machine or installation parts .
  • Sheet forming
    The partial cutting impact dampers on the machine are used to avoid the negative effects of the cutting impact on the press (e.g., deflection of tappet and press table, damage of bearings, sealings and directions).
  • Machine elements
    The next on moving machine parts for application sealings refer after - the type of the movement (rotation, longitudinal movement), - the size of relative speeds, - pressure and temperature, - the type the sealing mediums.
  • Contact Seals for Airtight Stationary Detachable Joints
    Nonmetallic plane gaskets for the sealing of casing joints in the housings of machines where the working medium is under a relatively low pressure are manufactured from a sheet ( cut or stamped, and also pressed in molds).
  • Technology of machining valve parts
    … undercut, holes are drilled in the cover flange and a groove is cut in the flange face for the gasket , the packing ring surface … … dovetail groove is finish machined for the gasket, shav … … installed, packing rings are pressed in from both sides …
  • Köhler / Rögnitz machine parts 1
    easily removable machine parts by stress transversely to the axis and on rotation; trace pin, friction clutches, bore … … parts ftir, grinding wheel attachments, blocking cone fiir valve in the ship construction, cone sealings for tank installations, compressed air tools, glass cone …
  • Ringspalt‐Zentrifuge for drying and cooling of Kunststoff‐Granulaten
    Cut through the annular gap-centrifuge e schaufelformige hub arms, design machine factory Buckau R. Wolf AG b, Grevenbroich a SpeichergefaO, compressed air cylinder, c submersible tube above and … … screening gap, g catching space fur f sealing o, i pressurized water …
  • Machine tools construction and calculation
    … 50 vibration insulation actively 184 passively 184 settling 515, 610 secondary part , secondary adjustment, 497, 627 safeguards, vertical rotary machine , 8 safety concept 539 … … material, seat valve, soling pressure 176 particular cast iron … … to 167 locking air sealings , 462 to shaving centrifuges …