Hand Soap Dispensers Information

Selecting hand soap dispensersHand soap dispensers are a mechanism that distributes soap for users to clean their hands. They dispense liquid or foam surfactant compounds in locations near sinks and basins, such as bathrooms, washrooms, hospitals, as well as many commercial and industrial locations.




Hand soap dispensers differ by actuation, mounting, and soap compound. Dispensers are pumped manually by a lever or button, or include a sensor that detects when a user's hands are in position and an electric pump to dispense the soap; this limits the spread of microbes between individuals. Dispensers are often mounted on a wall or in a countertop; accessibility is a key consideration when assessing options. Dispensers can also be free standing, with the soap reservoir providing ballast so the dispenser remains upright.




Dispensers are ubiquitous in public bathrooms. They are also found in common areas with sinks, such as kitchens in restaurants, or work stations in factories and garages. Free-standing dispensers are more common in residential applications. Hand soap dispensers do not need to exclusively dispense hand soap, though other surfactants should be clearly identified.


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