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Staplers, also known as staple guns, are devices that attach materials together via unidirectional fasteners known as staples. Staples are single-piece, parallel-pronged, unidirectional, metal fasteners whose two legs are adjoined at the shoulder of the prong (called the crown). Applications for staplers include adhering thin pieces of material such as wood, plastic, sheet metal, and masonry.Handheld manual staple gun image


The primary function of a stapler is adhering thin objects together with staples. Staplers drive staples through the thin material by using a hammer to apply pressure to the crown of the staple. The material is held in place by the clasp created by the displacement of the material in which it was inserted.


There are two main types of staplers.

  • Spring-loaded stapler: A spring-loaded stapler is a handheld, manually operated stapler. The grip is squeezed together to charge the spring, then the spring is released forcing the hammer down into the staple. A spring-loaded stapler is lighter since it does not need an air hose or electrical source. Using a spring-loaded stapler can cause hand and wrist fatigue with repetitive use.
  • Powered stapler: A powered stapler uses an outside source of energy to drive the hammer into the staples. This energy source can be in the form of compressed air or electricity. A powered stapler applies more power than a spring-loaded stapler, allowing use of staples in harder material. These tools cause less stress on the hands and wrist. Powered staplers tend to be heavier than spring-loaded staplers and require an air hose or electrical wire (if not battery operated).


The following specifications determine the functionality of a stapler.Powered staple gun image

  • Staple size: This is the size of the staples the stapler is designed to use. Staples can range from 1/4 in. light duty staples to large 1 1/2 in. heavy duty roofing staples.
  • Stapling speed: Stapling speed measures how many staples the tool can press into the material in a given amount of time.

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