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Explosives blasting service providers use explosives for demolition or exploratory rock movement within mines and quarries. These services sufficiently break rock down so that it can be easily removed. Explosives blasting services including rock blasting, trench blasting, quarry explosives blasting, bulk basting services, and mining explosives services; other uses include the demolition of buildings, bridges, piers, cement pilings, stacks, silos, foundations, hydroelectric sites, commercial sites, and more.

Rock breakage from explosives blasting services commonly happens in three steps. The first round of detonations crushes the rock in proximity of the hole-wall. Next, compressive stress waves are created through explosives blasting and spread in all directions with velocity equal to the sonic wave velocity of the rock material. When the compressive waves reflect towards the rock face, they come back as stress waves. The stresses created will eventually fail should the next force be powerful enough. Finally, high pressure gas from the explosives blasting penetrates the stress cracks from stage two and widens them.

In addition to blasting, explosives blasting services typically include crucial planning and design services also. Common services include blast design for regular and specialty blasting applications, bulk explosives and accessories delivery, feasibility and cost analysis, monitoring of design and application of the blasting service, the manufacture of explosives, operator training, chemical and laboratory explosives analysis, shotfiring services, commodity supply of emulsion and ammonium nitrate, and the commissioning and maintenance of explosives blasting service trucks.

Materials for the explosive are typically transported to the blast site via a specially-designed vehicle. They are then unloaded in the blast hole where the materials are mixed to form the explosive charge. Bulk ammonium nitrate (ANFO) materials are generally mixed onsite before being delivered to the borehole. Additional explosives blasting services may also be available depending on the application and provider.

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