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Mining ServicesMining services extract minerals, metals, gemstones, and other material from the earth for industrial and commercial use.  Mining services include may provide several broad service types, including: 

General mining services include underground and surface drilling, blasting, mineral assaying (geochemical and precious metals analysis), sample preparation, underground mining, exploration drilling, loading and hauling services, handheld mining, and shotcrete/fibrecrete services. This last type is a specialized form of concrete service that prevents smaller rocks from working loose from a rock face, replacing the conventional meshing and bolting methods.


Drilling services include diamond head drilling, top hammer drilling, down-hole hammer drilling, and ITH drilling.


Project management services include analysis, consulting, contracting, and full management of development projects.


Mine engineering services consist of open pit mine design, underground mine design, mine planning, capital cost estimating, and operating cost estimating.




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