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Structural component fabrication services from Pickwick Manufacturing Services Structural component fabrication services design parts for use in buildings, bridges and other structures. They work with metal, wood, concrete fiberglass, and other materials, and serve customers in industries ranging from aerospace to telecommunications. Structural component services may also offer secondary capabilities such as plate forming, pipe and tube bending, and plastic fabrication.

Many suppliers use computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and finite element analysis (FEA) software to design and build structural components. The manufacturing methods that are used are a function of both the material and the application. For example, suppliers that fabricate structural steel H-beams for high-rise buildings use different production methods than suppliers who manufacture concrete components for use in highway bridges. Fiberglass and wooden products also require different equipment and manufacturing processes.

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Types of Structural Component Fabrication Services

The Engineering360 SpecSearch database allows industrial buyers to select structural components by material, supplier capabilities, and industry or application. Because there is a wide range of products, buyers should limit their search by these parameters. For example, highway departments can select products for transportation services and source products such as structural steel and pre-stressed concrete. Aerospace companies can source parts such as spars, ribs, and stringers as well as larger assemblies that are an important part of an aircraft's structural design.


Project Development and Design Manual (PDDN) -Structural Design

Prestressed Concrete Designer's Handbook

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