Trade Magazine Publishers Information

Trade magazine publishers provide industry-specific articles and advertisements for members of a trade, business, or market segment. These technical publications often include how-to or instructional content, as well as information about products, materials, and companies in a particular field. In the case of trade journals, the information includes hot sheets, buyer guides, company listings, and job notices. Trade magazines with authored content such as product reviews are also available. The magazine’s editor may assign topics to individual writers, or rely upon industry members to submit their own articles. Although some trade magazines may charge an annual subscription fee, others are free because their costs are covered by advertisers.


Trade magazines are available for many different markets, businesses, and industries. Some are targeted at trade professionals who live and work in the United States. Others serve an Asian, European, or global audience. Typically, trade magazines are categorized by application. Choices include agriculture, architecture, and automotive; biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; building and construction; general business services; computers and information technology (IT); product engineering; food and beverage processing; forestry, paper and wood products; mining and metals; and oil, gas, and electrical energy. Trade magazines are also available for scientific and medical research; waste management and water supply; telecommunications; and wireless communications.


Trade magazines that require a paid subscription are not limited to members of particular trade, but generally contain information that is mainly of interest to members of that profession. For example, an aviation trade magazine may contain news about leading aerospace companies and their satellite development efforts. An automotive trade magazine may contain lists of upcoming cars shows and technical information about new makes and models of trucks and buses. Computer trade magazines are targeted toward software developers and IT professionals.


Free trade magazines may be available to industry professionals who complete surveys, questionnaires, and bingo cards. In the case of on-line applications, trade magazine publishers may prompt Web users to first select a broad industry or market segment. Next, the user specifies a specific job function and narrower industry. Job specialization and job title may also be required so that the appropriate trade magazines are made available.


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