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Vehicle wrapping services provide a form of print advertising where a vehicle is completely or partially-covered in full-color images. Wrapping services provide a high impact, cost-effective advertising solution that builds brand recognition and identity.


Vehicle wrapping may be achieved by painting the vehicle, or by applying large vinyl sheets or decals. These coverings are commonly available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and backgrounds to make designing vehicle wraps easy.


Wraps are typically easy to work with and provide easy removal. Large, flat surfaces are the easiest to cover using vehicle wrapping services, but smaller surfaces may also be wrapped by service providers. Advancements in vinyl production have introduced materials that feature air channels to prevent bubbling, and glass beads that allow the material to be lifted and moved until let in place. Vehicle wrapping services typically provide paint protection and can be completed in days, unlike painting that can take up to months.

Stages of Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wrapping services commonly happen in three stages. First, providers first compile accurate measurements of the vehicle to be wrapped and design the graphic with the client. The graphic is then printed and laminated to protect the vinyl from abrasion and UV rays that can cause fading. The final step is the preparation of the vehicle and application of the wrap. Preparation includes cleaning the outside of the vehicle and applying a substrate for the wrap. This process removes any dirt, dust, oil or grease that may be hidden in the contours of the vehicle. Once it has been clean and dry for 24 hours, or more depending on temperature and humidity, the wrap can be applied.


Wraps may be full vehicle or partial wraps. Partial vehicle wrapping services refers to anything less than a full wrap, commonly including the rear-to-halfway point of a vehicle and the hood, or a three-quarter wrap that also includes the hood. Some vehicle wrapping services provider smaller-scale projects, such as decals for covering side and rear windows only.


Vehicle wrapping service providers may also service windows, boats, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, trains, and other vinyl graphics applications including store front lettering, temporary and permanent signage, banners, decals, wall murals, etched glass vinyl applications, and more.


When using vehicle wrapping services, visibility may be reduced. For this reason, some areas have laws against mobile wrapping and advertising.

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