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Media duplicationMedia duplication services copy compact discs (CDs), digital video discs (DVDs), and tape media from master copies for large-scale duplication. They can also convert data to an alternative file format. For example, media duplication services that specialize in CD DVD replication may first create a master disc from a digital or analog tape. The media duplication services then use the master disc to produce copies with file formats that are compatible with various computing platforms. Data replication maintains copies of data at remote sites. These replicas are then used by exchange servers to provide continuity of service in the event of a site outage at the primary location. With data replication, media duplication can be propagated in a synchronous or asynchronous manner.


Media duplication services perform various disc burning activities to create recordable or non-recordable discs that can hold different amounts of computer data. CD-ROM is an abbreviation for compact disc read-only memory. With CD-ROM replication, media duplication services can produce a large number of discs by pressing information onto each disc from a glass master or source. By contrast, a CD replication service stamps data onto an injection-molded CD. Media duplication services that replicate CDs perform processes that are designed for higher quantities at a lower price per disc. Typically, CD replication is less expensive than CD duplication because the data itself is built into the replicated compact disc. A DVD replication service uses a similar pressing technique. With DVD replication, melted polycarbonate is injected onto a glass stamper or mold under high pressure to form bits of information on the disc.


Media duplication services use many different types of equipment to duplicate and replicate CDs, DVDs, and CD-ROMs. For example, robotic CD replication systems may feature in-line thermal printers and packaging equipment for the production of attractive, ready-to-ship audio or video discs.

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