Specialty Business Services Information

Specialty business services are consultants, firms, and companies that provide specialty or proprietary business services. Specialty business services help organizations manage billing and payroll; mail processing, graphics, printing, and digital imaging; and human resources. Often, businesses hire specialty business services when they lack the resources to handle these processes in-house.


Specialty business services include business consultants who provide feedback on how an organization is being run. Business consulting services offer feedback on a variety of business processes, including how an organization can manage its production and distribution, workflow schedules and skills of personnel, reporting structures, and documentation or communication protocols. Business process consulting services typically provide an organization with an outside perspective on practices that need to change or new skills that need to be incorporated into a growing organization. Specialty business services may also help companies that are downsizing or mechanizing certain processes, or who are outsourcing certain capabilities overseas. Human resource consulting is often used to examine what skills an organization may have in-house, and which skills it may need to find in a partner organization. Human resources consulting may also formulate benefits plans and health insurance options for a start-up company.


A specialty business service may also process or manage daily or routine functions such as billing, payroll, mail processing, or promotional services. Automated billing services are used extensively in the medical profession, outsourcing the management of patient billing to a service that can focus solely on maintaining efficient billing and mailing procedures. Automated billing services print and mail statements and invoices, and collect payments either through mail or online services. Mail processing can include small-scale hand sorting to large scale folding and labeling processes. Other specialty business services include promotional or documentation services, such as technical writing and editing, graphics or digital imaging services, and printing.

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