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Semiconductor Equipment Repair Services Information

Semiconductor equipment repair services repair, rebuild and refurbish equipment related to the manufacture and processing of semiconductors, special materials that have conductivity between conductors and nonconductors or insulators. Some companies test, evaluate, disassemble, and reassemble semiconductor manufacturing and processing equipment. Others specialize in the replacement of worn or damaged parts or components. Semiconductor equipment repair services that upgrade software or controls, assemble refurbished equipment, and provide testing and certifications services are also available. Often, these semiconductor equipment testing services comply with quality requirements from bodies such as the International Standards Organization (ISO). Specific standards include ISO 1725, ISO 9001, and ISO 9002.


Semiconductor equipment repair services may specialize in repairing, rebuilding, and refurbishing specific types of semiconductor equipment. Categories include automation and back-end semiconductor production equipment; machines for wafer fabrication and wafer processing; wafer inspection equipment; semiconductor tooling; equipment for material handling, wafer measurement, and wafer preparation; test equipment; and vacuum equipment. By definition, semiconductor wafers are thin slices of semiconductor materials used in the fabrication of integrated circuits (ICs) and other microdevices. Because the wafer undergoes many microfabrication tasks, many different types of semiconductor equipment are required. Semiconductor equipment repair services that specialize in the repair of specific equipment types may also provide consulting services.


For each broad category of semiconductor manufacturing and processing equipment, many different semiconductor equipment repair services are available. For example, companies that specialize in fabrication and wafer processing equipment may repair, rebuild, and refurbish film coating, photo-optical, and wafer flat aligners; chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment for epitaxial silicon, silicide, or rapid thermal processing; crystal growth and machining equipment; and wafer cleaning, wafer drying, and water identification. In a typical CVD process, the wafer or substrate is exposed to one or more volatile precursors.


Some semiconductor equipment repair services repair, rebuild or refurbish adhesive or sealant dispensing equipment; die sorting equipment; material handling, feeding and sorting equipment; imprinting and marking equipment; pick and place equipment; robots; surface mount assembly equipment; and wafer coating equipment. Other semiconductor equipment repair services repair, rebuild or refurbish die bonders; cleaning and washing equipment; dicing equipment; die separators; lithography systems; packaging equipment; wafer coating equipment; wafer bonding systems; or modular chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems.


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Category: Semiconductor Equipment Repair Services
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