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Cam manufacturing services fabricate cams to customer specifications and often provide design assistance.


Cam Function

A cam converts rotary motion into linear motion. In an internal combustion engine, the cam shaft converts the rotary motion of the engine into the linear motion used to lift the cylinder valves. A crankshaft does the opposite; it converts linear motion into rotary motion. In an internal combustion engine, the crankshaft converts the up-and-down motion of the pistons into rotary motion.


Cam Manufacturing Services

Cam manufacturing services use specialize equipment such as machining and turning centers under CNC computer control to produce cams to customer specifications. The manufacturing process is able to produce a variety of work, from small detailed pieces to large castings. Cams can be made from a variety of materials, including high temperature alloys such as nickel and titanium alloys. A cam manufacturing service can update older cam data and supply cam designs as needed (manufacturing output files and/or master cams).


Cam Finishes

Cam grinding involves surface finishing of cam shafts. To improve results, camshaft grinding machines can use advanced abrasives such as cubic boron nitride (CBN).Products of cam manufacturing services can have mirror-quality surface finishes.

Cam Specifications

Cam manufacturing services produce cams and camshafts that meet detailed specifications. For example, camshaft specifications can include:

  • Rocker ratio
  • Lifter type
  • Lifter lash
  • Open and close events for intake and exhaust valves
  • Intake and exhaust duration (SAE)
  • Lobe and valve lift for intake and exhaust
  • Lobe center for intake and exhaust

Cam Manufacturing Certifications and Quality Requirements

Cam manufacturing services meet various certification and quality requirements. ISO 9001 is for organizations whose business processes range from design and development to production, installation, and servicing. ISO 9002 is for organizations whose business processes include production, installation, and service, but do not include design and development. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) maintains several standards that apply to cam manufacturing services. For example, ISO 7967-3 describes vocabulary relating to valves, camshaft drives and actuating mechanisms in reciprocating engines. DIN 69639 applies to cams for operating limit switches.

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