Screen Printing Services Information

Screen printing services providers use forms, stencils and fine screens to place designs or logos onto products. Screen printing transfers an image onto a mesh screen by blocking out the surrounding areas with a stencil or series of stencils. Screen printing is also known as silk-screening or serigraphy. 


Screen printing services providers can create a wide variety of custom designs for printing on fabric or paper. A screen printing service uses a mesh or screen made of a porous material, often a finely woven fabric such as silk, nylon, or polyester. The mesh is stretched over a frame, typically made of wood or aluminum. Ink is placed on the screen and a rubber blade or squeegee is used to spread the ink out uniformly. The ink passes through the open spaces in the screen and is blocked by the stencil, resulting in a design on the paper or fabric.


Screen printing services are frequently used to print on a variety of materials. Some screen printing services providers may specialize in a particular type of printing medium. For example, a screen printing company may specialize in designs for ceramics or wood. Another screen printing service may provide printing on glass or plastic. Many screen printing services providers can offer automated or mechanized processes for high-volume business screen printing, such as creating branded t-shirts for a conference or trade show, or printing the company’s logo on giveaways and promotional products. Business screen printing services may also include printing business cards or specialty items such as pens and stationery. 


Some screen printing services specialize in industrial applications, such as mass printing of product labels, metal components, and even printing information on circuit boards. For industrial applications, screen printing services providers use an automated screen printing machine that can handle large runs of products. An industrial screen printing machine is typically microprocessor-controlled to ensure precise ink coverage and image transfer. These machines can provide custom screen printing on flat, cylindrical, and oval products such as bottles or special containers.