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Wearable devices are wearable accessories or clothing that contain computer-type technology to monitor, track, or analyze information related to the user's health, fitness, motion, and other attributes. Wearable devices are typically classified separated by two main specifications: technology and how the device is worn. Most wearables are worn on the hands, wrist, waist, chest, or head.

Wearable technologyTypes

There are varying types, including smart watches, rings, and other accessories, activity monitors, health monitors, VR headsets, smart clothing, and others.

  • Activity monitoring devices track activities such as walking/running distance and step counters.
  • Health monitoring tracks a person’s vitals such as heart rate and blood oxygen level.
  • Location tracking monitors and tracks the location of an object via GPS (Global Positioning System).
  • Smart watches are computerized wristwatches with more functionality than just time keeping. Many use a mobile operating system, play music, and text message. Most smart watches have an electronic visual display and have a rechargeable battery. 
  • Virtual reality: The device is a part of a virtual reality setup.
  • Wearable camera: The device is a wearable camera or body camera.


  • Bluetooth: The wearable device has integral Bluetooth wireless to synchronize with other technology.
  • Digital display: The wearable device has an integral digital display.
  • Weather resistant/outdoor rated: The wearable device is water resistant, or outdoor rated, allowing it to be worn outside in inclement weather.

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