Mobile Satellite and Mobile Command Center Services Information

Mobile satellite and mobile command center services install and configure mobile communication centers and mobile communication equipment. They provide satellite connectivity to businesses, classrooms, construction sites, government agencies, and military installations, and mobile offices. Mobile satellite and mobile command center services also support applications in homeland defense, emergency management response, network restoration and fail-over support, and e-commerce transaction processing. As providers of mobile servicing systems (MSS), they offer services such as satellite Internet, satellite television (satellite TV), virtual private networking (VPN), voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), in-in-motion Internet, and in-motion TV.

Selecting mobile satellite and mobile command center services requires an analysis of supplier capabilities and application requirements. Some MSS suppliers offer mobile satellite Internet to businesses and government agencies. Others provide mobile satellite Internet services to residential customers. Mobile satellite and mobile command center services may also provide transportable satellite Internet service, marine Internet service, DIRECTV satellite television, and DIRECTV business services. Providers of satellite television also include the Dish Network and Verizon. Professional installers can outfit vehicles, mobile command posts, and mobile offices with all of the necessary satellite and communications equipment.

Mobile satellite and mobile command center services can help their customers to select satellite system hardware and a satellite Internet service. Hardware considerations include dish size, modem, and transmit power. As a rule, large dishes with greater transmit power provide more available bandwidth or throughput. Generally speaking, there are two types of mobile satellite Internet systems for vehicles such as cars, trucks, and buses. The first type works whenever the vehicle is stopped and the satellite dish is deployed. The second type is used to automatically track the satellite while the vehicle is moving. In this way, in-motion satellite Internet systems can provide high-speed or broadband Internet access under a variety of conditions.

Many mobile satellite and mobile command center services provide mobile satellite TV or mobile satellite television options. As with mobile Internet services, there are two basic types: stationary and in-motion. Typically, product specifications describe the satellite dish or receiver. Parameters include dimensions, weight, and compatibility with proprietary satellite services. Motor voltage, controller type, operating temperature, and wind speed are also important considerations. Satellite dishes with low-profile domes are suitable for in-motion applications, but may fade from exposure to rain. Mobile satellite and mobile command center services that provide stationary products are also available.