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Environmental Test Equipment Services Information


Environmental test equipment services provide a wide range of services for environmental test chambers, reactors, baths, incubators and laboratory ovens and furnaces, and vibrational shakers. These services providers are not OEM manufacturers. Instead, they perform many different services on existing devices or systems. These may include (but are not limited to) repair, calibration, upgrading, rebuilding, installation, training and replacement.  These tests can be performed in-house, or the device can be delivered to the environmental testing company, depending upon the size of the device, or the tests that need to be run.


Serviced Equipment

Environmental test equipment includes autoclaves and sterilizers, circulators and baths, environmental test chambers, refrigerators and freezers, furnaces and ovens, humidity generators, incubators, reactors, and shakers.

  • Autoclaves and sterilizers are used to sterilize instruments or render them free of any living organisms. Autoclave must maintain a temperature of at least 246 degrees for 30 minutes in order to fully sterilize equipment. 
  • Refrigerated and heated circulators and baths are designed for controlling temperature in external instrumentation and for immersion applications within the biotechnology, chemical, laser, and medical industries. They are used for warming or cooling liquid samples to sustain or impede reactions. 
  • Environmental test chambers provide a temperature, humidity, or atmosphere controlled environment for testing for testing or evaluating products or materials. 
  • Laboratory refrigerators and laboratory freezers are used to cool or freeze samples for preservation.
  • Cryogenic freezers will cool to below -133°C, the temperature at which metabolic activity stops.
  • Laboratory ovens and laboratory furnaces are used in a variety of thermal processing applications including general lab work, component and stability testing, core hardening, drying glassware, and sterilizing.
  • Humidity generators continuously supply an accurately known humidity value for instrument calibration, evaluation, and verification, as well as for environmental testing.
  • Incubators are used in biological experiments to allow growth of organisms in optimal conditions of temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity.
  • Reactors are process containers used to contain chemical or biological reactions. 
  • Shakers are force generators or transducers that provide a vibration, shock or modal excitation source for testing and analysis.




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