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Banking softwareBanking software offers high-end technological and economical banking solutions to mid- and large-size banks worldwide. Banking software equips banks with the latest technology trends in banking. Banking software caters to the requirements of banks to automate their banking process and increase efficiency for customers. Banking software also offers customized solutions to fulfill unique requirements of prospective clients.


Banking software consists of financial applications that include automating tools to satiate the needs of the banking sector. Banking software offers solutions for:

  • treasury
  • personal
  • commercial lending
  • trade finance

Banking software also:

  • computes loan amounts
  • interest rates
  • terms
  • payment amounts 

Banking software helps to forecast loan repayments thereby aiding debt management. Banking software serves the normal banking sector, which includes managing withdrawals, deposits, loans, and other simple routine operations, including storage and retrieval of processing data on a daily basis.


Banking software in the payment sector offers innovative and cost-effective electronic payment systems to banks, loan companies, and finance houses, postal organizations, prepaid cards issuers, micro-credit and microfinance institutions, national and regional switches, gas retailers, telecom operators, insurance companies, pension funds, and governmental bodies. Credit card banking software offers a variety of modules that includes credit management, deduction management, and collection management systems. Collections and anti-fraud banking software offer a flexible debt collection solution designed for debt-collection agencies, debt management, and credit management. Powerful anti-fraud and identity manipulation detection tools help in delivering fraud alerts, scores, and profiles, are now commonly used across the banking sector. Loan default management banking software helps banks, alternative lenders, finance companies, credit unions, business development authorities, micro lenders, and other lending organizations remain profitable in an increasingly competitive environment. Many of these banking software options easily integrate with existing general accounting systems as well as core processing loan origination and documentation software utilizing the latest data-sharing technology.


Features of banking software include calculations based on multi-currency and multi-language inputs. Banking software products serve commercial lending and deposits, trade finance, including import finance, purchase finance, and stock finance facilities. Banking software extends its services to secured electronic banking and corporate treasury products as well. Banking software products find applications in retail banking, corporate banking, private banking, offshore banking, internet banking, and micro finance banking. Banking software products are advancing and the immense services delivered during the past two decades revolutionized the banking sector.

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