Code Analyzer Software and Tools Information

Code analyzer software and tools enable programmers and quality assurance (QA) managers to check source code for compliance with established standards. Code analyzer software and tools are also used to improve existing source code. During the application development process, development managers should ensure strict adherence to project requirements and departmental guidelines. Code analyzer software and tools can assist development managers in standards introduction and publication, adherence monitoring, and quality metrics. Many code analysis applications provide features for each of the major areas of applications management: revision control, code review, security, and distribution.

Code analyzer software and tools include features that developers can use to ensure that code is well-formed or syntactically correct. Typically, code management software or code management tools contain libraries that indicate when source code is incorrectly used, ambiguous, or might negatively impact other parts of an application. The sheer size and volume of some applications can result in the delivery of multiple versions to different customers. It can also cause unit fixes for the same bug to be implemented differently. The main job of software configuration management personnel is to provide a secure application development and the consistent, successful deployment of applications to internal and external customers. Code analyzer software and tools are used to facilitate these processes by providing features to analyze the installation and revision of objects based on software version, and to validate there are no conflicts in those revisions prior to delivery.

Code analyzer software and tools such as source code control software are used to track multiple versions of the same coding unit. With object-oriented programming, objects in a given application may change with each software release. Source code control or revision control permits the effective capture and maintenance of information about why and when an objected changed. If problems arise, reversion to a previous code base can be achieved.

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