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marketing software dashboardMarketing resource management software supports marketing operations management, which is the efficient and intelligent marshaling of people, process, and technology to support marketing activities and improve marketing effectiveness.

The growing importance of marketing resource management software is reflected by the number of leading organizations who have adopted it, and the number of vendors who are offering marketing resource management software. The growing popularity of marketing resource management software mirrors the desire for effective and efficient marketing operations in many organizations. Marketing resource management software generally refers to technology for the areas of planning, design, and production within marketing.


Typical capabilities within marketing resource management software include:

  • the ability to plan objectives and budgets
  • schedule, traffic, and coordinate work
  • gather feedback
  • review and approve marketing materials


Typically, marketing resource management software also:

  • provides the ability to track time and expenses
  • measures results against plans
  • publishes digital assets
  • publishes marketing events calendars

Usually, marketing resource management software does not provide the tools for personalized marketing across channels. Often, marketing resource management software may be considered a subset of enterprise marketing management software. Marketing resource management software typically should not be considered a comprehensive solution for all marketing problems. In many cases, marketing resource management software does an excellent job of automating and standardizing processes associated with marketing throughout an organization. In this way, marketing resource management software helps to streamline processes and ensure that key issues associated with marketing production processes do not “fall through the cracks.” On the other hand, marketing resource management software does not provide assistance with such issues as overall marketing strategies or the continued proliferation of marketing channels.

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