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Performance management software provides the software infrastructure to ensure that an organization’s goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner. Performance management software can focus on performance of the organization, a department, processes to build a product or service, a team’s employees, and individual employees.


Performance management software is typically applied in the workplace, but can be used in schools, churches, community meetings, sports teams, organizations that provide health care, and government agencies. Well designed performance management software will help managers and other leaders to bring out the best in people.


A key aspect of performance management software is performance measurement. Wherever performance management software is applied, clear and concise measures are required in order to properly define the desired goals. The use of performance management software may involve self-management, or the formal management structure typically found in most organizations where people work in groups or teams. There is often a clear correlation between using performance management software and improved business and organizational results.


The benefits of using performance management software may include increased sales, decreased costs, fewer project overruns, and increased ability to adapt to changing conditions. Many enterprises that use performance management software find that the workforce is more motivated because they haven an increased understanding of business goals and how those business goals align with their own personal goals. Additionally, with performance management software, employees can more easily see how they are doing in relation to the organization’s goals.


With performance management software, managers can easiliy measure how co-workers under their supervision are peforming in relationship to corporate goals. Using performance management software, managers and supervisors can also understand how individuals or teams under their supervision may require additional resources or support in order to achieve the goals set before them. Performance management software can help individual managers understand which workers require development of skills or additional training that will help them reach their full potential. Performance management software can also help managers discover which processes in their organization require re-engineering so that their employees and overall organization can achieve their stated objectives.


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