Sales Management Software Information

Sales management software is used to manage one or more aspects of a sales department, including leads, opportunities, accounts, contact, activities, approvals, workflow, territories, and partners. Sales management software effectively manages, forecasts, and reports on all phases of a sales cycle. Sales management software helps an organization to meet sales goals through planning, staffing, training, leading, and controlling organizational resources. Sales management software manages multiple accounts and opportunities, and automatically distributes leads to sales professionals around the world.

Types of Sales Management Software

The different types of sales management software include sales planning, sales reporting, and sales associate development. Sales force management and sales lead management falls under an even broader classification of sales management software.

Special Features

Special features of sales management software include managing spreadsheet data merging from multiple sales representatives, which otherwise can be unreliable. With sales management software, representatives track their leads and update their status in a central, online database.


Sales management software increases the visibility of the data to help quickly identify important opportunities and risks at every stage in a sales cycle. Sales management software also tracks progress against sales goals. Sales management software informs team members what they are responsible for. Sales management software will distribute automated notifications when tasks are assigned or when deadlines are approaching. It also enables easy access to the most critical information including leads, product line collateral, and resources. Sales management software is available 24/7 and allows for the quick customization of the application to align with the team's unique sales processes and terminology. Sales management software enables measurable marketing and sales building programs, communications, and sales development programs An integral part of any sales management software is company-wide integration among different departments. If sales management software isn’t adopted and properly integrated to all departments, there might be a lack of communication, which could result in different departments contacting the same customer for the same purpose. Sales management software is immensely helpful in sales lead management as well, and therefore needs accurate integration. In addition to providing prospective customers with outstanding services, sales management software helps sales mangers, marketing managers, and entire sales team in maintaining productivity and quality.


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