Voice Recognition Software Information

Voice recognition software is designed to recognize spoken words and convert them into digital data, computer commands, or text. Voice recognition software allows an operator to use his/her voice as an input device. A voice recognition system can be used to dictate text into the computer or to give commands to the computer, such as for opening application programs, pulling down menus, or saving work. A voice recognition program uses a neural net to learn to recognize an operator’s voice. As the user speaks, the voice recognition software remembers the way that each word is said. This degree of customization enables consistent voice recognition despite differences in accents, dialects, and inflection. Speech pattern techniques involve a pattern recognition approach that requires no explicit knowledge of speech. This approach requires the training of a speech pattern based on some generic spectral parameter set and the recognition of patterns through pattern comparison.


Voice recognition software is used with voice activated systems or talking computers that are used to recognize the spoken word to perform tasks on a computer without typing. These types of systems are being developed due to the desire to use speech instead of typing to exchange information, since humans are used to communicating this way at an increased speed. Another reason for developing these types of voice recognition software systems is to overcome the problem some Asian nations encounter when trying to translate ideograms of writing. Using voice-activated software, operators can easily translate between languages such as Chinese or Japanese and English.. Voice modulator software is a type of voice recognition software that shifts the frequency of voice input and produces a dramatic change in the output. Voice modulators are used in synthesizers, and audio and music devices. Voice transformer software can change timbre, tone, pitch, and other voice characteristics, as well as raise or lower a voice by an octave to completely transform vocal gender.