Statistical Analysis Software Information

Statistical analysis software is used to analyze data to make predictions via statistical methods. It is used to solve manufacturing problems, develop efficient industrial processes, and make breakthrough discoveries. Most suppliers of statistical analysis software customize their applications to run on operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, UNIX or Linux. Java, C++, and LISP are some of the programming languages used to create statistical software through PVM or MPI algorithm models.


Life science and manufacturing companies use statistical software for a variety of purposes. For example, pharmaceutical companies use statistical analysis software to measure patient response to treatments and drug therapies, devise quality assurance programs that meet or exceed state and federal regulations, and mine toxicological data. Applications such as mathematical software are used by manufacturing firms. Mathematical analysis is used to determine product life and reliability, critical chain, process control, industrial automation, and demand forecasting.


Statistical analysis software is used by architects, engineers, and information technology (IT) personnel. Architectural and engineering firms use statistical modeling software to analyze data related to construction, weather, geography, power and water. Statistical analysis software is also used widely in data mining applications. These software applications can be used over the Internet and within corporate and private networks to collect and monitor statistics related to Web traffic. Web site monitoring software is designed to track information such as bandwidth, usage, IP address sources, and demographic data to help businesses identify the best markets to target.


Statistical analysis software includes simulation and analysis software, web analytics software, and network traffic analysis software. Web analytics software and network traffic analysis software differ in terms of capabilities and features. Typically, software that is used to analyze network traffic contains features for protocol monitoring, traffic speed and efficiency analysis, error and security reporting, and request handler mining in client/server, local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and wireless network environments.