Operating System Software Information

Operating system software includes platforms for operating, managing, and monitoring industrial networks and computers. Unlike client software which resides on an individual’s computer, operating system software resides on a server and manages programs and services for multiple users across a network. Typically, trained information technology (IT) personnel install and maintain server software and operating system software. For example, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) design and implement an infrastructure for business solutions based on the Windows platform (2000) and Microsoft Servers System (2003).

Operating system software controls programs such as web services, email, and file sharing. Operating system software provides the link between the computer’s physical devices or drivers and the applications that are loaded on the hard drive. Different operating systems provide different features, including speed, ease of use, and security. Windows XP operating system software is a stable, standard system commonly used for both commercial and home offices. Linux operating system software is an open source software program. Open source server and operating system software is free for anyone to use and enables programmers to create and share their own custom modules. Server monitoring software provides overall system health and performance data, event archiving, dynamic reporting, and usage statistics.

Other kinds of operating system software include web server and email server software. Web server software manages the delivery and appearance of HTML pages across the Internet through a series of different protocols and applications. An embedded web server has specific software embedded in the hardware device itself. This is useful for a variety of devices, such as a print server, because it allows users access to the features of the device from their web browser rather than having the application loaded on their individual machines. Email server software manages the storage, sorting, and distribution of email or other forms of messaging via a network or the Internet.

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