Media and Presentation Software Information

Media and presentation software include tools and applications for the creation of multimedia presentations for broadcast or advertising and marketing use. Products often use media such as compact discs (CDs) and digital video discs (DVDs) for distribution.

Media software packages work with various hardware devices to provide digital audio and video components for all kinds of projects. Products include media software for audio and video editing, music mixing and production, CD or DVD production, special effects for audio or video, noise reduction, and motion graphics. Sophisticated media software packages provide three-dimensional graphic design and animation for film and television projects.

Presentation software helps users create professional business presentations for print or online distribution. Presentation software packages usually consist of combining text and graphics with simple motion or animation effects. Business presentation software incorporates the ability to present files in a slideshow effect using a projector and screen and often comes pre-packaged with standard templates. Web-based presentation software enables participants to give a presentation on their network or computer and share it via the Internet with participants in other places. These programs also enable collaborators to share control of the presentation.

The most sophisticated media and presentation software creates multimedia projects. Multimedia software enables the integration of various media components, typically audio, video, text, and animation, into one presentation or product. Multimedia software packages are also known as authoring tools and often create various types of multimedia presentations that are played online using browser plug-ins. Other packages enable users to create self-contained presentations on CD-ROM or DVD media. Multimedia software for the web consists of tools to create cascading style sheets, scripts, dynamic HTML (DHTML), and mp3 or other audio and video file formats.