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Machine control software (MCS) is used to control, monitor, and optimize machines. MCS may be programmed to control a wide variety of machines in a wealth of applications.


Definitions and Purpose 

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In this context, the term "machine" refers to an enormous array of equipment of varying sizes, types, industries, and applications. Nearly all machines, however, have moving parts and perform a specific task. Machine control software often connects a distributed set of controllers in order to repeatedly perform a motion or task.


MCS may be used as a decision-making engine in fully automated processes. It consists of a series of algorithms that effect some type of control on the machine given a specific condition. In most machine control applications, data is relayed to the MCS via a sensor system. The MCS uses this data to determine a condition and executes an algorithm predefined for the condition.


An example from the building and construction industry is that of a motorized grader in an automated road-building operation, which typically uses global navigation satellite system (GNSS) input for positioning. The machine's GNSS receiver transmits positioning data to the MCS at a near-constant rate, and the software uses this data to correct the machine's position in real time. The MCS may also include additional features, such as an automatic machine shut-down triggered by insufficiently precise satellite data.


Control Types


MCS may interface with one or several types of controllers. Some common controllers are listed below.


  • Computer numerical control (CNC) is used to control manufacturing equipment, or multiple tools within a single machine cell. It is optimized for moving a tool along multiple axes and typically uses G-code in computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) applications.
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are computers used to automate industrial processes. They are adaptable to a wide range of operations, such as motion control, positioning control, and torque control. PLCs are frequently customized to fit an intended application.
  • Programmable automation controllers (PAC) may be considered standardized, commercial PLCs. They use exception-based logic rather than ladder logic as in PLCs.
  • Personal computers (PC) or single-board computers (SBC) may be used in place of PLCs for very complex or demanding applications, especially ones where high development costs are supported. Data-intensive control systems usually require PC interfacing.
  • Motion controllers are used for low- to medium-complexity applications. By eliminating a separate controller, these devices provide the tightest link between a machine control system and the motion process.

Machine Types and Applications

 machine control software selection guide

Machine control and MCS is used for a wide range of machines and applications. Some examples are listed below.


  • Aerospace and defense: missile systems, drones
  • Automotive: cruise control
  • Building and construction: automated construction sites
  • Consumer/general: theme park automation, smart elevators, thermostats

Software Functions


Machine control software often consists of multiple functional blocks that work together to control machine processes. These may include:


  • User interface: Nearly all software packages include a UI for user manipulation of processes. The UI displays error alerts, operator prompts, and some means for selecting manufacturing jobs and other actions.
  • Machine setup: This function allows the operator to set up or calibrate the machine.
  • Auditing and reporting: A data acquisition system provides an audit trail and a means for creating reports based on collected data.
  • Diagnostics: This function allows for machine fault detection and correction.



Machine Control Online—Faces of machine control (.pdf)


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