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KVM Switch Software Information

KVM switch software enables remote operation of multiple computers through a single terminal. A user has access to other computers’ applications and systems exclusively by software and network connections; no additional hardware is required, reducing wires and installation effort. Traditional KVM switch hardware can be effectively eliminated by using KVM software.



   multiple computer control from one keyboard and mouse

To enable control over multiple computers, KVM switch software is first installed on each PC. The software is configured to communicate between devices by automatically or manually inputting the IP address of each computer.


KVM switch software is available with varying levels of capabilities. Some KVM software has simple functionality to allow a mouse pointer to move between the screens of various computers, as if all of the screens were connected to a single computer. This type of software is useful for computers located next to each other in close proximity. Other KVM software transmits video of other computers’ screens to be displayed on the primary computer’s screens, a capability that is most suitable for computers located remotely.


There are a number of specialized configurations supported by some KVM switch software, such as:


  • Operation of remote computers that are not on a local network over VPN connections
  • Control of multiple virtual machines (VMs) existing on other computers
  • Allowing simultaneous access by multiple computers to a single computer in collaborative scenarios



KVM software can have a wide range of features, including:


  • Control multiple computers each with multiple monitors
  • Transfer data between computers with copy and paste commands or drag and drop functionality
  • Wake up remote computers with Wake-on-LAN
  • Lock, unlock, or shutdown multiple computers
  • Listen to audio from multiple computers
  • Log events for multiple computers
  • Secure connections with encryption protocols such as AES-256
  • Activate functionalities on multiple computers with hotkeys

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