Vacuum Equipment Repair Services Information

Vacuum equipment repair services specialize in the repair of vacuum equipment such as vacuum pumps, vacuum blowers, vacuum generators, and vacuum compressors. Some vacuum pump repair services specialize in the repair of standard vacuum pumps, devices that provide sub-atmospheric pressure in a variety of industrial and scientific applications. These vacuum equipment services may also repair vacuum blowers, vacuum generators, and high or ultrahigh vacuum systems. Other vacuum equipment repair services may specialize in the repair of vacuum blowers, rotary vane vacuum pumps, or vacuum valves.

Selecting Vacuum Equipment Repair Services

Selecting vacuum equipment repair services requires an understanding of the services that are offered. Most vacuum repair services and vacuum rebuild services disassemble and clean equipment, refurbish or replace damaged or worn parts, and then reassemble the vacuum system. Some vacuum equipment repair services also test the newly refurbished equipment to ensure that it operates according to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. Vacuum equipment repair services may also provide troubleshooting services. Often, the cost of repairing an expensive piece of vacuum equipment is significantly less expensive than purchasing new, hard-to-find, or obsolete equipment.


Some vacuum equipment repair services provide bench or off-site repairs, calibration services, and preventative maintenance services. Bench repair refers to off-site equipment repairs in the service provider’s shop. Consequently, the customer’s vacuum equipment must be disconnected and transported to or picked up by the repair service. Calibration services for vacuum equipment compare the output or accuracy of vacuum equipment to standard values. Preventative maintenance (PM) vacuum equipment repair services perform contract-based, proactive maintenance in order to prevent problems with vacuum systems. PM is different than troubleshooting, diagnostic, or corrective maintenance (CM) to correct a known problem.


Some vacuum equipment repair services provide field or on-site repairs, install new systems, or offer rapid turnarounds. Others rent or lease vacuum equipment; sell new, used, or refurbished products; or provide an upgrade service. Vacuum equipment repair services that provide pick-up and delivery, remanufacturing or complete rebuilds, and which offer replacement or exchanges are also available. Upgrade services can improve or enhance the performance of an existing product by adding a new component, or replacing an existing component with a new or update unit. Additional services may involve work on vacuum piping and manifolds, oil filtration systems, helium test leaks, and vacuum fittings.

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