Laboratory Stoppers Information

DescriptionLaboratory stoppers


Laboratory stoppers, also called bungs, are truncated, cylindrical or conical pieces that are used to plug, close and/or seal labware.Laboratory stoppers Laboratory stoppers create a seal with the inside of the container, as opposed to a lid, which seals from the outside.




They are usually made of rubber, neoprene, plastic, cork, or glass.


For applications involving high temperatures, glass stoppers are preferred




Product categories include:


  • One, two and three-hole
  • Penny head
  • cylindrical cap
  • Handle

Stoppers with holes in them allow for the insertion of glass or rubber tubing, which is often used to collet material from the container.


Lab stoppers may be solid or hollow, and disposable or reusable. Typically, reusable products are sterilized in an autoclave.  Laboratory stoppers




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