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Petri dishes are shallow, cylindrical, lidded dishes that are used to culture cells. They are sometimes called Petri plates or cell culture dishes.  In biology experiments and studies, Petri dishes are used to make agar plates that contain a growth medium for the microorganisms. In addition to culturing cells, Petri dishes are used for cellular observation and storage.




Glass Petri Dishes


Glass labware can be sterilized in an autoclave or laboratory oven, and then reused. Some products are designed to withstand multiple washings and re-sterilization. Borosilicate and quartz glasses glass provide high resistance to thermal shock. Proprietary materials such as KIMAX® (Kimble Chase), Pyrex® (Corning) and Zerdour® (Schott Glass) have additional properties. For example, KIMAX petri dishes may be recommended for applications where both physical strength and resistance to chemical attack are required.


Plastic Petri Dishes


For laboratory work where cross-contamination may be a problem, disposable plastic Petri dishes are a good choice. Fluoroelastomer products have good heat, oil and chemical resistance; however, they often have poor low-temperature performance. Nitrile has a suggested operating range of -30°F to 275°F, making it a suitable choice for some low temperature applications. Neoprene dishes can be used over a wide range of temperatures and, like EPDM, resist degradation form UV light.


Suppliers of plastic Petri dishes may designate their products as free from optical-distortion.  This is important in applications where the contents of a cell culture dish need to be observed, typically with a low-power microscope.


Specifications and Features


When selecting Petri dishes, buyers can specify the desired diameter and may select products that are heavy-duty or disposable. Heavy-duty Petri dishes are usually thicker than standard glass or plastic labware, and can withstand heavier workloads.  Disposable dishes such as the ones below are less expensive and lighter weight.




Plastic Dishes for Growing Cells


Petri Dish Preparation


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