Cuvette Holders Information


Cuvette HoldersCuvette holders are pieces of laboratory equipment that hold cuvettes for storage, also called a cuvette rack, or analysis. They are often used with UV and visible spectrometers or infrared spectrometers to conduct spectroscopic analysis.



Cuvette holders are generally made of plastic or metal that will not be reflective so as to not interfere with the assay. They vary in size depending on their usage, with cuvette racks being larger to accommodate many cuvettes. Cuvette holders can have options to mount to a spectrometer or can be standalone on a laboratory table or bench.


The following specifications determine the functionality of cuvette holders:


  • Number of cuvettes accommodated: The number of cuvettes the cuvette holder can have placed in it. This can be a small number for a cuvette holder for analysis or a larger number for a cuvette rack.
  • Number of optical ports: The number of ports for light to enter and leave the cuvette holder. These ports are generally straight through or at right angles to each other depending on the type of assay conducted. These ports maybe designed for fiber optics as well.Cuvette Holders


Cuvette holders can have these features to provide additional functionality:


  • Built in magnetic stirrer: Allows for hands free stirring or a sample if required.
  • Built in temperature control: Provides precise temperature control over the sample if required.




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