Vehicle Cleaning Systems Information

Vehicle cleaningAuto feather dusting machines systems are manual, fully automated or semi-automated cleaning systems that wash the interiors, exteriors, and undercarriages of all types of vehicles. These cleaning systems can be utilized for consumer, commercial, and industrial vehicles. Keeping a vehicle clean and in some cases sanitized protects the investment in a vehicle and makes it more visually attractive. Vehicle cleaning systems allow owners to clean vehicles daily, making them safer and easier to clean thereafter.

Vehicle cleaning systems have been developed for many vehicle types. Each vehicle type has special requirements such as size, sanitation level, and type of debris to be removed, so it is common for manufacturers to produce specialized equipment.

Examples of vehicles that have special needs:

  • Cars
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Buses and coaches
  • Rail cars (rolling stock)
  • Construction equipment
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Fleet vehicles

Feather dusting machineEquipment

Vehicle exteriors are often washed by some permutation of water and solvent sprayers, actuated scrubbers and brushes, and air blowers. These devices may be stationary, with the vehicle moving under its own power or by conveyor to interface with the cleansing equipment, or articulated to allow the vehicle to remain stationary while the equipment bathes the vehicle. Waterless vehicle cleaning incorporates chemicals solvents to remove surface contaminants. Interior cleaning utilizes vacuums, shampooing, and dusting equipment to maintain an unsoiled vehicle interior.

The large surface area of industrial and commercial vehicles makes hand-washing a difficult and time-consuming task, so specialized cleaning systems are a reliable and efficient way of keeping vehicles clean.  They are especially efficient in difficult-to-reach areas such as undercarriages, roofs, and window corners.

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