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MMachine bladeachine knives are industrial tools that have sharp edges for cutting and shearing operations. Applications for machine knives depend on blade design and include the manufacturing of paper, plastic, and tubing as well as other industries.


The primary function of a machine knife is to cut, trim, slit, slice, score, or crease the target medium. These knives rely on pressure being applied against its edge to complete these tasks. The pressure required can be from the machine knife pressing against stationary material or from the material being pressed against a stationary knife. Periodic maintenance of the machine knives includes knife change out and/or sharpening to keep the cutting edge at optimal performance.


Machine knives are commonly made of high speed/tool steel along with carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, or even ceramic depending on application. Machine knife coatings help extend the working life of the knife blade. Coating options come in titanium nitride (TiN), titanium carbide (TiC), ceramic, carbide spray, and polymer coatings. Knife blades are generally circular or straight, which includes square, rectangular, pointed, or piercing blades. The cutting edge may also be scalloped or toothed as well, which is ideal for perforating applications.


Typical specifications of machine knives include the gauge, length, width, and edge configuration. The manufacturing processes that machine knives can go through are numerous: from vacuum hardening, triple tempering, and lapping, to polishing techniques, which produce the finest metal slitter knives for material shearing. Machine knives can be designed and manufactured to meet almost any industrial specifications or cutting application.

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