Planing Tools Information

Planing tools are used for surfacing planing on flat surfaces and gear teeth. Planing tools include turning and planing tools and jigsaws and planing. Turning and planing tools are the tools used for turning small hollow forms that are up to four inches in diameter. Jigsaws and planing tools are provided with two metal pads that prevent the blades from flexing when cutting is done. Planes are the tools used for flattening, shaping, reducing thickness. Planes produce a smooth surface. There are many different types of planes. Examples include woodworking planes, carbide planes, bench planes and block planes, and a smoothing plane. Woodworking planes are made of wood and in an iron blade is placed in the plane with the wooden wedge. Carbide planes feature two carbide-tipped blades and are capable of cutting a clean rounded edge. Bench planes and block planes are both cutting tools used for cleaning the components by removing thin shavings of wood. A smoothing plane is a type of bench plane that is used in woodworking before the scraping and sanding processes. Other planing tools are commonly available.


There are several ways in which planing tools function. Turning and planing tools are used for planing cuts, vee cuts, and for conical cuts. Turning and planing tools are provided with a 10mm spindle gouge, 19mm roughing gouge, and a 13mm skew chisel. Jigsaws and planing tools have two speed adjustments, one is for fast cutting and the other is for smooth cutting. Woodworking planes are available in 4, 5, 6, and 8 plane sizes. Carbide planes are provided with a 4mm hex wrench which provides easy adjustment. Bench planes and block planes are used for paring end grain so the plane is held at a 45° angle to the direction of travel. A smoothing plane is 8 to 10 inches long and has a tight mouth. Planing tools are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.


Planing tools are used in many applications. Examples include smoothing small pieces, cleaning up components by removing thin shavings of wood, and for wooden joints in aircraft. Planing tools should adhere to International Standards Organization (ISO) standards.

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