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Router bits are rotating tools that are available in a variety of profiles and shapes. Router bits are used with routers for edge shaping. Router bits are also used for joining jobs.There are several types of router bits. Examples include a carbide router bit, dovetail router bit, diamond router bit and an industrial router bit. A carbide router bit is the most commonly used router bit as it is very resistant to heat and is sharper than steel. A carbide router bit is very brittle, prone to chipping, and expensive. A diamond router bit has a fine side which is perfect for maintaining a razor sharp edge on quality knives, scissors, tools, and even a carbide router bit. Dovetail router bits are remarkably strong and functional and are designed to setup all popular jigs. A industrial router has a high performance processor and provides flash storage. Good quality router bits are most important elements to ensure a quality finish and a good cutting finish. Other router bits are commonly available.


Router bits are available with a variety of specifications. Most router bits are carbide tipped and not made from solid carbide. Router bits specifications include cut length, cut angle, overall length, and shank size. The cut angles may vary from 7° to 18° and the shank sizes from ¼” to ½”. Larger router bits have advantage over smaller router bits as the thicker diameter of the shank reduces vibrations and is more resistant to bending or breaking. Excessive wear or damage to the bit's carbide cutters requires router bit sharpening. Router bits can be sharpened with a diamond paddle honing stone. A router bit set includes various types of router bits and is available in various combinations such as a six piece set, 12 piece set, and 15 piece set.


Router bits are most commonly used in routing machines and portable drills. Router bits are utilized to add shapes and profiles to an edge. A diamond router bit can be used for grinding inside small curves. Router bits are used by many woodworkers to straighten and smooth joints that must be cut to the highest tolerance.


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