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Knife bladesKnife blades are industrial tools that have sharp edges for cutting and shearing operations. Application depends on blade design and includes the processing of food and the manufacturing of paper, plastic, and tubing as well as other industries.


The primary function of a knife blade is to cut, trim, slit, slice, score, or crease the target medium. Blades rely on pressure being applied against their edges to complete these tasks. Periodic maintenance of the knife blades includes blade change out and/or sharpening to keep the cutting edge at optimal performance.


Knife blades are commonly made of high speed/tool steel along with carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, or even ceramic, depending on application. Knife blades are generally affixed to a type of handle or grip that fits in the hand. The cutting edge may also be scalloped or toothed as well.


Typical specifications of knives include the gauge, length, width, and edge configuration. The manufacturing processes that knives can go through are numerous: from vacuum hardening, triple tempering, lapping, to polishing techniques, which produce the finest metal slitter knives for material shearing. Knife blades can be designed and manufactured to meet almost any industrial specifications or cutting application. 

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