Utility Knives Information

Utility knives are handheld, bladed cutting tools used to shear various materials during many manufacturing, handling, and construction processes. Utility knives are often manufactured according to specifications for a particular application, but are often versatile enough to be used on other tasks. Hence the ambiguous term 'utility knife' can refer to several types of knives.



  • Box cutters
  • Cable knives
  • Capet knives
  • Carpenter knives
  • Drywall knives
  • Film cutters
  • Hobby knives
  • Linoleum knives
  • Pen knives
  • Pocket knives
  • Rotary cutters
  • Safety knives

Utility knives will often feature a rubberized grip or knurled metal to improve the tool's grasp. When not in use, blade sheathes or a retracting mechanism will conceal the blade. Many utility knives will utilize a replaceable blade.

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Carpet knife; film cutter; linoleum knife; rotary cutter

Images credits: Hyde Store; Usine Nouvelle; Wikipedia; Dick Blick