Dust and Debris Control Products Information

Dust control products and debris control products protect equipment, inventories and personnel from unacceptable or dangerous contamination. They are designed to increase visibility, prevent accidents, and reduce the risk of explosion and fire. Dust and debris control products can also be used to reduce equipment wear, prevent or eliminate odors, and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. There are many different types of dust and debris control products. Examples include area hoods, non-contact web cleaning systems, and ballistic nylon curtains. Area hoods and area hood systems are designed to collect dust-filled air inside and around machinery. Local hoods, booths or enclosures, and side, downdraft and canopy hoods are common types. Non-contact web cleaning systems use an ionized stream of air to remove dust from paper webs before contaminants become airborne. Ballistic nylon curtains are used to contain wood chips, metal filing and other debris from cutting operations. For carbon-based airborne mists, vinyl or plastic curtains can be used.

Some dust control products and debris control products are designed for outdoor use. Examples include calcium chloride, resins, polymers, lignin sulfonates, dust control foams, petroleum emulsions, and bitumens. Chloride-based dust and debris products are used mainly on haul roads and unpaved roads. Salts such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride are available in both dry (flake) and liquid forms. In warm or dry climates, the application of water is often necessary. Like calcium chloride, resins control dust through the adhesion of particles. They are well-suited to dry climates and help prevent soil erosion. Polymer dust and debris control products are sold as concentrates and mixed with water. Most consist of acrylic polymers or polymer emulsions. Like other resins, lignin sulfonates are used to control fugitive dust on roadways and landscaped areas. By contrast, dust control foams are designed specifically for coal dust or coal dust. Bituminous emulsions can be added directly to asphalt for roadways.

Dust control products and debris control products are used in many applications. Examples include the construction and landscaping industries. Dust and debris control products must meet all dust emission regulations. Dust control equipment should be PM-10 & PM-2.5 regulation compliant. The usage of dust and debris control products must also comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

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