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Sweepers are cleaning machines that use a series of rotating brushes to clear floors, streets or other large surfaces of loose debris. Sweepers are used to clean many kinds of surfaces and can include machines for both indoor and outdoor cleaning.


Sweepers come in a variety of sizes depending on the application, including manual push or walk-behind sweepers, battery-powered sweepers, and small- and large-scale rider sweepers. A manual push or walk-behind sweeper is often used to clean indoor spaces such as hallways, offices, and grocery store and warehouse aisles. Other models are used for outdoor purposes, such as cleaning sidewalks and parking lots.


Sweepers for large applications such as street cleaning are typically the rider models. For parking lots or small roadways, small rider sweepers are usually sufficient. A small rider sweeper allows for one operator and can clean both indoor and outdoor surfaces ranging from concrete floors to cobblestone or brick. Large sweepers are used by municipal and local governments to maintain roads and streets and ensure that they are free of debris such as leaves, tree branches, and trash. A large street sweeper can also clear debris from drains. A street sweeper or road sweeper also comes equipped with a large hopper to contain the debris and dump it either on the ground at a landfill site or into a dumpster or dump truck for transportation.


Some sweepers also come equipped with vacuums and scrubbers to wash surfaces. These machines typically sweep the area first and then use a disk or cylinder scrub head to wash the floor. A sweeper fitted with a scrub head and squeegee attachment can effectively clean high traffic surfaces, include cement or concrete floors and tile. Sweeper/scrubber combination machines include small indoor devices, such as a room or hall washer, and larger devices such as a parking lot or road washer.


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