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Sorting Services from SWD IncSorting services separate large, mixed quantities of parts, products, or materials into small groups of similar or identical goods. Typically, they process items that have greater value when grouped by size and material. Examples include fasteners, hardware, mail, gears, bearings, trash, raw materials, and many other products.


Sorting services receive and process bulk quantities of mixed goods. These mixtures can be of the same parts in different sizes, or many different parts from the same assembly operation. Sorting may include visual, dimensional and other quality control inspection to  sort by size or detect defective products. Sorting types include both manual processes and machine vision systems. Manual sorting is used to process bulk batches with a great variety of items. Complex machine inspection and vision systems are capable of sorting thousands of parts per hour.


Suppliers in containment may requiring sorting services.  Supplier containment is meant to contain defective products and to provide protection for the company receiving the product, as well as the customer.



Fastener Sorting Machine; Video Credit: Supreme Screw




Benefits of sorting services include:


  • Higher Manufacturing Quality
  • Higher Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Reduced Operating Costs

  • Reduced Scrap

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction



Applications and industries that use sorting service include manufacturing, assembly, electronics, waste management, resellers, recyclers, and corporate offices.


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SWD Inc.

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