Banding Buckles and Strapping Buckles Information


Poly Strapping Buckles from JIT PackagingBanding buckles and strapping buckles are hardware products that secure loose banding ends together. They are also known as strapping seals and banding clips. Functions for banding buckles and strapping buckles include banding, clamping, bundling, and identifying. Two specific applications being load securement and hose clamping. They are also known as strapping seals and banding clips.




Open strapping seals are for use with steel strapping or poly strapping and are one of the most common types of strapping buckles. They maintain strap alignment prior to tensioning the strap and are placed on the overlapping strap ends during or after tensioning. These seals are typically made of galvanized steel and are available to work with metal strapping between 3/8 in. and 2 in. wide. There are three styles of open strapping seals: open, semi-open, and thread-on. Some versions for poly strapping have a textured or serrated interior for a secure grip to the strapping.


Closed or pusher strapping seals are used for strapping applications involving round or irregular-shaped packages such as coils, pipe, coiled rod, and more. Strapping is forced through the seal and is formed into a slip loop that is hand-pulled around the package. The strapping is then tightened with a tensioner and  secured in place using a notch sealer. These seals are typically made of galvanized steel and are available to work with metal strapping between 3/8 in. and 2.25 in. wide.


Magazine seals are stacked together. This permits loading partial stacks into magazines of seal feeding tools. These strapping steels are mostly used in combination with strapping tools and power strapping machines.


Screw buckles use a set screw to tighten against the strapping. They are used with a stainless steel banding strap and installed with or without a clamping tool. The screw buckles are manufactured from stainless steel and are available in ¼ in. to ¾ in. configurations. The screw buckle allows for a stainless steel clamp installation that can be removed or adjusted and can accommodate a double-wrap application if required.


Wing seals are designed for use with light gauge metal strapping and are available in aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel, and are sized to accommodate strapping from  3/8 in. to 3/4 in. They are easily closed with a hammer on any surface and in any position, making them the fastening choice for unusual shapes.

Wire buckles are wire-formed buckles for use with nylon, poly cord, or polypropylene strapping.


Wire strapping buckles can be tensioned by hand or with a tensioning tool. No sealing tools are required. Wire buckles are available in stainless steel, galvanized steel, or phosphate coated steel. Wire buckles are available to accommodate strapping from 1/2 in. to 1 1/2 in. wide. Heavy duty wire buckles are available and are made out of heavier gauge wire.


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