Gasket Cutters Information

Gasket cutters are manually operated tools used for cutting gaskets.


Types of gasket cutters include compass-style circle gasket cutters, bit brace circle gasket cutters, hollow gasket cutters (or hollow punches), and more sophisticated gasket cutting machines. 


Compass-style circle gasket cutters have an aluminum frame that contains a graduated scale and a steel pivot pin. They can cut a wide range of diameters in plastic, paper, rubber, leather, wood, and other materials.


gasket cutter

Image Credit: GuardAir


Bit brace gasket cutters are used for cutting circular gaskets. They are adjustable for different circle diameters, and are similar in construction to a beam compass used for mechanical drawing. They have a steel pivot pin and a one or two cutting blades and are used for cutting plastic, metal, hardwood, and other materials.


gasket cutter

Image Credit: Shop Equipment


Gasket cutting machines are more sophisticated cutters. They are usually bench mounted and actuated by a handwheel. They may contain a gearing arrangement used to create higher forces for cutting heavier materials.


gasket cutters

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When choosing a gasket cutter it is important to consider the type of material since most cutters are not designed to work on metallic and non-metallic materials, the size needed for the job and if an extension is needed, and if additional components are required.