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Rod clevis from Festo Corporation

Clevises are components of a clevis fastener assembly that are used with a clevis pin to connect to a tang or clevis mount. Clevis fasteners allow motion around the clevis pin axis and limited motion along the axis while restricting motion in other axes. Clevises may also be referred to as clevis joints, fork ends, and yoke ends.

There are several variations of clevis fasteners:

The most common type is the rod clevis. They are U-shaped with holes machined into each projection to accept a clevis pin. The tang also has a hole for the clevis pin, and fits within the U-shape of the clevis. Rod clevises are usually cast or machined. Rod clevises are commonly used with cylinders for connecting the end of the cylinder rod.

Shackles are simple clevises used with only a pin.

Twist clevises, or twist shackles, are manufactured from a twisted metal rod and include a loop at the end, 90 degrees from the clevis pin axis.

Hanger clevises, usually manufactured from formed sheet metal, combine a U-shaped component joined to a V-shaped component with a clevis pin. The V-shaped component has a flat section with a hole for hanging from a rod. Hanger clevises are commonly used for hanging pipe.

A twin clevis, or double clevis link, has two clevises oriented opposite each other. Twin clevises are used to link two components together.

Other components of a clevis fastener incude a clevis pin and a tang. When the tang is attached to a flange with mounting holes, it may be referred to as a clevis mount, clevis foot, clevis bracket, or rod eye.

Important specifications for clevis selection include:

  • Yoke depth
  • Yoke width
  • Hole diameter for clevis pin
  • Connection thread type (male or female) and size, if applicable

Clevises are used to connect products such as cylinders, trailers, and structural members subjected to tension loads only. Clevis fasteners are used in many industries such as agriculture, marine, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing.

Image credits:

Festo Corporation

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