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Snap fasteners or snaps are mechanical fasteners that close or lock with a clicking or snaping sound. There are two different types of snaps currently in the market, post-style and prong-style. A post-style snap has a shaft that requires a hole to penetrate the fabric. A prong-style snap has teeth that penetrate through the fabric. Technically, a snap fastener is a mechanical closure consisting of a closure unit and attaching unit. Prong-style snaps are best used with loosely woven or knit fabrics. Post-style snaps are best used with densely woven or natural/synthetic fabrics. Snaps can be set using hand-setting tools, or by using a standard bench-mounted or portable machines such as a MACHPM5SNP. Larger bench-mounted snap machines are available for heavier-duty applications. Industrial snap fasteners are available in a wide variety of metal bases and finishes.


Snap fasteners were first used as sew-on snaps for costumes and lingerie. Choosing the right fabric for a garment or project is as important as choosing the correct interfacing for proper snap placement. The best overall interfacing to use with snaps is a woven, non-fusible interfacing. An example would be muslin or a loosely woven cotton/blend interfacing. Snaps fall into the category of integral joints of mechanical fastening. The fasteners are available in either 20 ligne or standard 24 ligne, premium or economy styles. Snap fasteners include the following metals and finishes: 100% stainless steel, nickel plated brass, brass/black oxide, brass/gilt, and steel/nickel. A press stud is a snap fastener and is available in standard action, hard action, and low base, hard action styles. In order to press studs it is important to determine the exact position of the button thread. Clasps are the finishing touch that makes the bead work stand out and stay secure. Each clasp is a unique designer style and is of high quality construction. Snap fasteners are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.


Snap fasteners are used in many applications. Snap fasteners are used in many different industries including marine, automotive, industrial textile, military, and recreational industries. Snap fasteners should adhere to International Standards Organization (ISO) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards.

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