Console Consolidation Systems Information

Console consolidation systems are modules that allow multiple operators to simultaneously monitor several consoles for mainframes and personal computers (PC). They provide network access to serial console connections by a telnet or local area transport (LAT) connection. Console consolidation systems also provide consolidation for separate serial consoles in a 1U rack-mounted device. This type of connectivity provides remote, network access to distance-limited serial console connections. By using a console consolidation system, a system administrator can connect to a console over a network from a remote location and execute management commands without having to be physically present. In this way, console consolidation systems allow IT personnel to determine who is accessing particular consoles. They also allow system administrators to define console windows as read/write or read only.

Console consolidation systems use consolidators to collect data from multiple agents and take central response actions, such as launching central scripts or batch files or sending email or page notifications. A console system also provides secure record communication capabilities. A network monitoring system provides monitoring, alert notification and reporting to allow system administrators to manage networks and servers proactively, while identifying and avoiding failures before they happen. Mainframes are high-performance computers designed for centralized, high-volume, processor-intensive computing. They are built to be fault tolerant. Typically, mainframes are used by large organizations. A mainframe operating system is a software system that runs on a mainframe, such as IBM z/OS (OS/390 or MVS), Linux, VM and VSE. Console consolidation systems which run on mainframe operating systems can provide reliable, single-thread performance, as well as I/O connectivity and bandwidth. Web servers are computers that have an assigned an IP address and are connected to the Internet so that documents can be accessed by the users. Web servers, which are sometimes called host computers, can also use console consolidation systems.